Employee Management

The management of employees’ physical identity and access is crucial for any organisation’s safety. The employee management helps with all the major areas including card readers, biometrics, video surveillance, etc. All the major functions are integrated in a single platform.

Visitor Management

Nebula’s visitor management system is a critical for an organisation as it automates the lifecycle of visitors in any company. It is capable of pre-registering the potential visitors, background checks, security checks, access authorization, check-in/ check-out and centralized reporting.

Mobile card management

Integrating mobile card provision system which can be used by employees, visitors and contractors to download their credentials into their mobiles.

Lift management

Touchless solutions to make lifts in the workplace secure by deploy access card usage in the lifts.

Parking management

A reimagined parking management can help track vehicles by name place and make the visitor check-in process automated.

Nebula integrates various facets in an organisation into one platform including
  • Desk Booking system.
  • Access Card inventory management.
  • Contractor management and external registration portal.
  • Tenant management system.
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