Engineering Services

Business Workflow Management

Custom-made Business Workflow Management helps streamline all the routine business processes. It coordinates the tasks and ensures proper implementation of all the work processes. This leads to optimal efficiency in all business operations.

Business Customisation

Tailor-made and customised modules are created as per the requirements of the client. This ensures that everything is aligned with the business.

Unique Business Solutions

We provide custom business orchestration in sync with the client’s goals and objectives. These futuristic and end-to-end solutions give strategic strength to the business.

Visitor Management

Manage the visitors in the business premises efficiently with Visitor Management. It manages pre-registration, background and security checks, access authorization, check-in/ check-out, etc.

Physical Identity and Access Management

Safeguard your workplace by ensuring the right people access the right places at the right time. Tailor-made PIAM solutions manage the identity and access of all visitors.

Physical Security and Incident Management

Securing a business organisation against physical and cyber threats by integrating physical security and cyber security in a single platform.

Engineering services can help a business to
  • Easily configure and customize business policies
  • Report critical events with actions taken and outcomes.
  • Act on the workflows and be better equipped for the future.
  • Get notified about the event thresholds.
  • Get application modules tailor-made to the business requirements.
  • Initiate new business modules.