Professional Services

Deployment Consulting

We consult the business during the creation and deployment of the strategies. Clear strategic intent is used to deliver the strategy. An actionable and complete goal cascade is ensured with the creation of possibilities to retrospect and improve the process.

Data migration

We develop devise a custom plan to migrate a company’s data from external systems into a Product suite. Based on the number of external systems involved, the eco-space is then prepared for the testing of user experience or production deployment.

Take over from the presales

The project is undertaken and the scope of the software deployment is analyzed. The gap between the existing and the level required is ascertained and that defines the level of customization required.

Devise a project plan

The scope of the project is determined to manage the complexity of the external systems. A custom solution is devised and then the project plan is put into action. The external systems are integrated in sync with the client’s requirements.

Post-production deployment monitoring

Assessment of the post-production environment ensures a smooth customer experience and measure the effectiveness of the application. After satisfactory findings, the project is handed over to the support team.

Professional services can help a business to
  • Get consultation on the system integration’s scope and process.
  • Get consultations for business purposes and then ascertain the customization as per the requirements.
  • Get started with the data migration process. This process allows the data to be efficiently shifted from the external system to the company’s product suite.
  • Avail tailor-made workflow management systems.
  • Receive customized configuration in sync with the business needs.