Access management integration

With the evolution of software and technology, the access management has also evolved to make it more secure. Keycards, also known as swipe cards, prox cards or fobs are used to grant access through electrically-powered doors. The access may be granted by tapping, swiping or inserting the card in the slot. This has made the traditional metal key redundant in majority of spaces. The access

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Managing airport security with new age solutions

Thousands of people walk in and out of the airports every day. This makes airports a critical place to be secured and to reduce any suspicious activities. Maintaining safety at airports requires a lot of systems which have continued to improve in the past. To mitigate the risks, there are processes to manage every step. The passengers and their baggage undergo strict monitoring and screeni

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Improve physical access management with mobile lift integration solutions

Elevators/lift may seem like the most uncomplicated systems but there’s a lot more to them than what meets the eye. They are tricky and are quite distinct from one another. They have the capability to impact the safety of a facility or a building. New types and levels of safety threats call for advanced safety solutions.The access points of the buildings can be managed by managing the el

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